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Lusha Chrome Extension

The Lusha chrome extension is an excellent tool for salespeople. It allows you to search for business contact information, eliminating the time spent on lead research. The extension sifts through business profiles to find accurate contact details and improve the speed and accuracy of your sales discovery. Lusha is a free tool, but it does offer some premium features.

Lusha Chrome Extension

Lusha offers over 50 million emails and business profiles. The extension makes it easy to import data from other platforms, including LinkedIn, and it can build campaigns that target the right inbox. Lusha also has the ability to scrape contact details from Gmail and LinkedIn. In addition, it can help you discover top candidates for a new position by analyzing their profiles. It has an average hit rate of 72%, and over 250,000 users use it every day.

In addition to LinkedIn, Lusha can be useful for salespeople to find contact information. The Chrome extension scans LinkedIn profiles and Twitter accounts to provide the most accurate information. Users have mixed feelings about the accuracy of the information obtained using Lusha. SignalHire, another tool, is more accurate but does not support LinkedIn. It is free to download and use five credits a month. After installing the extension, the application runs automatically every time you open a linkedin profile.

For small businesses, Lusha’s free trial plan is enough to access up to five contacts. If you need more data, you can pay a little more. It is possible to purchase the full version of Lusha, but it may not be necessary. You can always upgrade to a paid subscription after you’ve used up your free credits. If you’re unsure whether you’ll use Lusha for your business, make sure to try it first.

How Accurate is the Lusha Chrome Extension?

Lusha’s Chrome extension enables you to sift out profiles from business domains. The free plan gives you access to all available features, while the Premium Plan adds 1,000 verified email addresses, unlimited searches, and unlimited team members. The latter comes with 90 credits and costs 14 USD per month. If you’re a small business owner, the Free Plan is a good start. Using it will give you a quick glimpse into the complexity of business marketing.


The Reply to lusha chrome extension helps you to easily find and contact your prospects. This free extension searches for verified prospect email addresses from professional social media accounts. Reply also allows you to keep your outreach personal and personalized by automatically logging your activities into your CRM. This extension is great for increasing productivity, managing tasks and syncing data with CRM systems. It even has a direct dial feature, so you can directly call prospects and clients.


If you want to find contacts for your business, AeroLeads is a great alternative to Lusha. Its search engine searches several websites to locate contact information for potential customers. Users can also export the data to CSV file and transfer it to their favorite CRM in just one click. It also allows users to locate and add social profiles to their lists and share credits. But, how accurate is AeroLeads?


Despite its simplicity, Discoverly is a great way to build your social network profile. The chrome extension is free to download and install, and it works by storing profiles you have built in the past. You can export saved contacts to Excel or import into email marketing software. You can also create dedicated campaigns with the information you have collected. As of this writing, Discoverly is available for both Chrome and Firefox. However, there is no premium version. To find out if the extension is worth the cost, you should visit the website.


A Chrome extension from Skrapp allows you to search email addresses for free. The extension supports multiple social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Salesforce. You can also use it to export leads’ contact information to a csv or xlsx file. There are three ways to use the extension: you can use it to find email addresses individually, through a bulk verifier, or simply for web searches. LeadFuze also uses AI to find email addresses for free by combining third-party data with proprietary crawlers.

Clearbit Connect

If you’ve ever needed to find information on a potential employee, the new Clearbit Connect chrome extension is the right tool for the job. With this extension, you can search for candidates by their name, job title, or role, and instantly receive details about each person or company. If you want to use this program without the need for an email account, you can even search for people via social media. Clearbit Connect is a great way to get details on people who message you.


The Lusha Chrome extension sources contact details from nearly any B2B website, including LinkedIn, Gmail, and Salesforce. By doing so, it gives sales reps access to updated and accurate contact details, making prospecting a breeze. The extension also pulls up the most important company information directly from LinkedIn. By using this extension, you can reach your prospects without having to search through hundreds of pages of text. Unlike most of its competitors, Lusha is completely free to download and install.

Lusha Chrome Extension

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